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      Writer, Editor, & SEO Specialist         


Hi, I'm Effy 👋

I'm a freelance writer and editor helping companies in the US, UK, and Europe reach new customers through search-optimised written content  ✍️

Want to get to know my writing better? Check out my blog. Want to hire me? Don't be shy...

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When it comes to generating clean and engaging copy, I wear a variety of professional hats. Feel free to drop me a line about your current project.

📍 Location: Aldgate, London, England

Available for in-person and remote work

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If you like what you see on this web site, good news: I am available for a wide variety of writing projects, including:

  • Blog articles

  • SEO copywriting

  • Email marketing

  • Product descriptions

  • Landing pages

  • Ghostwriting

  • Technical writing



Copy need some polishing? In the copyediting process, we will examine elements of your writing such as style, syntax, word choice, and consistency. Though grammar and spelling are also considered, this is a more expansive edit than simple proofreading, which deals with mechanical errors, like punctuation and capitalisation.  Most in-depth of all is developmental editing, which addresses organisation, flow, tone, voice, and more. Reach out to find out which service is right for you! (Note that I am proficient in both British English and American English.)

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Wouldn't it be great if we had a crystal ball that told us exactly what customers want, and when they want it? Through search engines, this fantasy is now a realitybut tapping into it takes time, effort, and a bit of savvy. That's where I come in. By increasing your visibility in organic search engine results, we can boost the quantity and quality of your online visitors, generating more leads, engagement, and/or sales. Go on—let me work my magic.

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